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Trish Dewberry

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor Melbourne and Kyneton

Change in Mind Counselling & Hypnotherapy, Melbourne, Macedon Ranges & online via zoom.

Welcome to Change in Mind.

My name is Trish Dewberry and I am a clinical hypnotherapist.

I help people overcome emotional or behavioural challenges in their lives in a very caring and respectful way.

I discovered the power of hypnosis when I was quite young. I used to ‘give up’ smoking every Monday – and that would last until about 10 a.m. It was hypnotherapy that moved me from being a 20 – 30 cigarettes-a-day smoker to completely smoke-free.  As hypnotherapy can be applied to many different issues, I have relied on it many times since then to help me through various challenges in my life.

I bring a lot of life experience to my work. After many years working in the jewellery trade, I trained as a teacher and majored in Psychology. I then taught VCE Psych for 12 years and undertook further post-graduate studies in Psychology and Career Development, becoming a careers counsellor in schools.

In 2009 I decided to train as a hypnotherapist and so completed the Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy at the Academy of Hypnotic Science. I now run a very busy practice in two physical locations – North Fitzroy and Kyneton. I also work with clients nationally and internationally via Zoom.

As a member of the Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists, I continuously upgrade my experience and skills with ongoing professional development and supervision.

I apply my extensive skills and knowledge to help my clients recognise and achieve the wonderful possibilities for individual healing and growth that each and every person has within them. 

if you would like to know how I can help you, I recommend booking a free 30 minute Zoom consultation to discuss your individual situation.

What I love about what I do

Nothing gives me greater career satisfaction than seeing a client move from distress and despair to a state of calm and optimism, usually within a very short time.

When clients have struggled with problematic feelings, emotions or behaviours it is so rewarding to help them resolve the issues and move into a new phase of their lives, embracing all that is wonderful within themselves.

Why Choose Change in Mind

Your wellbeing is my number one priority.
I use a multi-modality approach comprising counselling, hypnotherapy and career/life coaching to help each individual client rediscover and celebrate their unique talents and skills.

Your individual needs drive the process.

Because every client is a unique individual, Change in Mind wellbeing programs are structured to suit the individual.
Working together, we will creatively explore your strengths and talents and any obstacles that are currently preventing you from being at your best.
Through a process of inclusive and empathetic consultation and purposeful collaboration, together we create your treatment /coaching plan to ensure you get the best result possible. 

Effective and caring.

Many of my clients come to me after experiencing many months, or even years, of traditional psychological treatment but feel they are not actually making a lot of progress. As I use targeted and highly specialised hypnotherapy to boost the effectiveness of counselling and to shift the deep unconscious issues that can block your progress, clients usually report feeling much better in a relatively short amount of time.

Holistic counselling that addresses multiple facets of your life.

Every part of your life is affected by your mental and physical well-being: your career, personal and intimate relationships, broader social interactions, finances etc. I will help you to explore your potential – personally and professionally – and help you to attain improved mental and physical well-being and personal growth.

I create a structured, individual program of counselling boosted with hypnosis where appropriate for many different issues:
Personal or career coaching.
Relieving the symptoms of mood disorders, anxiety, PTSD and panic disorders.
Quitting negative/harmful habits – smoking, drinking, gambling, internet addiction.
Resolving anger.
Performance anxiety.
Fears and phobias.
Self-sabotage – relationships, weight, work performance or harmful behaviours.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
Relationship issues.

Experience working with people of all ages and backgrounds.

My clients have ranged in age from just 4 years old to 86.
With 22 years working as a secondary school teacher, and experience helping people from all walks of life, I have developed skills in empathetically and effectively communicating
*Please note: I do not work with children under 16 years of age unless it is for career counselling.
Not sure if hypnotherapy is right for you?
Book a no-strings-attached free 30 minute Consultation
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