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Are you ready to quit smoking or vaping?

This is one of the most important decisions you can make to safeguard your future health.

If you really want to quit, this hypnotherapy program can help you quit smoking or vaping with ease. 

This personalised program will usually help you kick the habit in two sessions. 

You can use the button below to book your appointment and begin your quit smoking journey.

Change in Mind, Counselling & Hypnotherapy, Quit Smoking & Vaping Program, Macedon Ranges, Kyneton & Melbourne Hypnotherapists

Hypnotherapy can help you eliminate your desire to smoke quickly and safely, in two structured sessions that are personalised to suit you.

If you really are ready to quit, this program will:

  1. Address your specific smoking triggers.

  2. Build your sense of empowerment over smoking and other issues in your life.

  3. Create a general feeling of inner calm so that you manage stress more effectively.

  4. Support you as you generate new patterns of behaviour – smoke free.

How Can Hypnosis Help Me Quit Smoking?

A supportive, judgement free, approach.

Behavioural change is difficult. The only truly effective way to quit smoking, or any other addictive behaviour, is to change the way you think about the issue. The Ready to Quit method is fast and effective and uses safe and relaxing hypnotherapy.  This makes quitting so much easier because it changes your attitude to smoking and your relationship with smoking.  
Patches, pills, gum and willpower are all doomed to fail for most people because they don’t change your attitude to smoking, and are much more likely to result in a relapse. These methods make you even more convinced that you are addicted – that you need this small dose of nicotine to help you cope while you quit. This strengthens the belief that you can’t quit and that you are always going to be a smoker.
With Ready to Quit Smoking there is no need for these self-defeating measures. If you really want to quit you will easily accept at an unconscious level that your body and mind are smoke free and loving it.
Relying on willpower is the hardest way to try to quit smoking because it automatically introduces a negative factor into the mix.  It makes you feel like you are giving up something that has some benefits for you, and that you are missing out. Because it is a negative, self-deprivation approach you are much more likely to focus on cravings or the discomfort of depriving yourself.
This strengthens the belief that you need to smoke to feel good. (This is also why diets don’t work in the longer term).
With Ready to Quit Smoking you won’t have to think about smoking at all, the change just happens easily and safely. We will address every situation where you are likely to smoke now, so that you no longer associate smoking with those activities or places. Ready to Quit will help you change the way you think about smoking and create a new set of beliefs about smoking so your behaviour automatically changes.
Your beliefs about smoking will usually change in two sessions.
Old Belief
  • I need to smoke
  • Quitting smoking is too hard
  • I need to smoke to manage stress
  • I am addicted to smoking
New Belief
  • I am a non-smoker, and I really don’t need it at all
  • It is easy for me to be smoke-free
  • I am more calm and comfortable without smoking
  • I am addicted to health
Change in Mind, Counselling & Hypnotherapy, Quit Smoking & Vaping Program, Macedon Ranges, Kyneton & Melbourne Hypnotherapists

What Is The Ready To Quit Program?

  • Two individually crafted hypnotherapy sessions: 1 x 90 minutes plus 1 x 50 minutes.
  • Two Quit Smoking recordings to use at home.

If you are ready to quit, your unconscious mind will accept the suggestion that you have left the smoking habit behind you.
This positive and powerful technique helps you change your beliefs about smoking and leaves you free of cravings and free of smoking, and with no desire to replace smoking with anything else.   

Two Sessions Are Usually Enough. 

$370 face to face
$330 online/zoom
Payable in full at the beginning of your treatment

Call today:  0409 803 696 or book your first appointment online and start your journey towards a healthier, more positive future, free of smoking.

Not sure if hypnotherapy is right for you?

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