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Resolving Phobias with Hypnotherapy

Many different phobic responses can be resolved with hypnotherapy. Below is a short list of the most common phobias that clients come to me for help with.

  • Fear of public speaking – Glossophobia

  • Fear of flying – Aerophobia

  • Fear of spiders – Arachnophobia or snakes – Ophidiophobia

  • Fear of the outdoors, open spaces – Agoraphobia

  • Fear of germs – Mysophobia

  • Fear of driving – Vehophobia

  • Fear of needles- Trypanophobia

Change in Mind, Counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy, Resolving Phobias, Macedon Ranges, Kyneton & Melbourne Hypnotherapists

A phobia is a form of anxiety that can create an extreme, irrational reaction – a fear of something that prevents you from doing things that most people can do easily. Phobias can stop you from taking part in normal activities and can really limit your enjoyment of life.

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How Can Hypnosis Help With My Phobia?

A supportive, judgement free, approach.

Phobias are unconscious responses and hypnosis addresses the unconscious mind where the fear resides. Hypnosis is very commonly used to treat phobias and remove the fear response. Because hypnosis changes the way the brain responds to information, it is possible for a trained hypnotherapist to remove the irrational fear and help the client create a more functional set of behaviours.

Sometimes the results can be quite quick, but as phobic responses are extreme and can often be long-term, it may take several sessions to remove the underlying source of the anxiety.
The cause is sometimes easy to identify but in other cases may be unrelated to the specific phobia that has developed.
A fear of flying, for example, may develop if you experience very strong turbulence during a flight.  Or it might develop after a completely unrelated traumatic experience such as the sudden death of a loved one, or some other form of trauma that affects a person’s confidence. The unconscious mind can create this very real feeling of fear that has nothing to do with actual flying.
For many of my clients the anxiety can create a tendency to avoid situations that create the fear. This can then develop into a pattern of avoiding multiple situations and so can become a very restrictive condition that gradually limits the potential for a full and happy life.
How Many Sessions Will It Take?

As each person has individual needs, there is no one answer to this question.  However, I usually find that clients need around three sessionsto remove simple phobias. The more complex the issues the more sessions are needed.

Talking about the problem won’t make it go away. We need to access the deeper parts of the mind and address the fear response directly.

I have helped many people overcome these irrational fears by calming the body and the mind, and eliminating the fear response where it begins so that they can begin to enjoy normal activities again.

So stop worrying about your phobia, take action now to resolve it.

Change in Mind, Counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy, Resolving Fear Public Speaking, Macedon Ranges, Kyneton & Melbourne Hypnotherapists

Beat your fear of public speaking.

Fear Of Public Speaking Is Easily Resolved With Hypnotherapy.
I have been a public speaking coach for 20 years.
I can help you:
  • Overcome the fear response – anxious feelings in the body, racing heart-rate, sweaty palms etc. are all part of the fight-flight response that is triggered when you fear speaking in front of groups. Hypnotherapy calms the fear response dramatically in a surprisingly short time
  • Build your feelings of confidence in large and small groups of people by tapping into the wonderful inner resources that you may have forgotten are there. 
  • Be more assertive so that you can express your views with more confidence and clarity. 
  • Change the unconscious beliefs that make you afraid and reinforce the idea that you have something to say and it is worth hearing

Hypnotherapy addresses the fear and lack of confidence at the unconscious level, where it originates, and changes your emotional response.

In hypnosis we can build your self-confidence and eliminate the fear response so that you can deal with all types of situations in a much more confident and positive way. 

Every session is personalised to you. Every client is different so every session is tailored to suit your individual needs. 

Book an appointment today to discuss your needs.

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