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Hypnosis to Manage Anger

It is normal to be angry sometimes.

But, if anger is uncontrollable or unreasonable it can become a real problem. 

Uncontrolled anger is incredibly destructive and creates ongoing distress for the angry person and all they are close to.

Resolving the anger therefore helps not just you but all of those around you.

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Hypnotherapy Can Effectively Resolve The Causes Of Anger.

Anger does not occur in isolation, it is a symptom of other issues that create the emotional response.

Effective treatment therefore needs to address the underlying cause of the anger rather than focus on just managing the emotional response.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful means of addressing the unconscious emotional responses that lead to explosive angry outbursts.

How Can Hypnosis Help Me Manage My Anger?

A supportive, judgement free, approach.

An anger resolution program usually requires between four and six sessions, and begins with effective and empathetic counselling to uncover the underlying reasons for the anger. Often anger that is difficult to control comes from a fear response that stems from a trauma. So, I will help you to explore events from the past that could be responsible for this anger that is damaging your life and relationships.
Once we have explored the reasons for your anger we will then work together to agree on a way forward, with a personalised treatment program.
This part of the process usually requires three or four hypnosis for anger sessions. Each session will progressively help you to build your inner resources, release the negative emotions that hold you back, and resolve the reason behind the anger.
Your anger management therapy will finish with a powerful session that helps you really gain confidence in your ability to go forward in life without your anger.You will find that stressful events are much more easy to manage and generally, you will feel calmer and happier within yourself. Call today:  0409 803 696 or book your first appointment online below.

Changing your mindset about anger.

With hypnotherapy for anger, the focus is on resolving the root cause and then assisting the client to establish new, more appropriate ways of responding to stressful situations.

Not sure if hypnotherapy is right for you?

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