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Is gambling controlling your life and ruining your relationships?

Hypnosis can help you overcome your addiction.

Hypnosis to quit gambling is proven, safe and works relatively quickly if you really are committed to quitting.

I have helped many different clients, young and old, stop both physical and digital gambling and get their lives back on track. 

To find out if this therapy is right for you book a free 30 minute online session to chat with me about your individual needs. Or you can call me directly on 0409 803 696 to explore how I can help you.
Hypnotherapy to treat gambling addiction Change in Mind

What My Client's Say:

"I feel absolutely turned off at the thought of gambling. It’s amazing how it never crosses my mind. Really grateful to you, Trish”
“My wife was ready to leave me. I’ve tried to quit so many times but now I am free of gambling. This therapy saved my marriage.
"I decided to test myself and went into the pokies venue – I just thought ‘NO WAY’ and walked out.”
“I just thought I would check in with you Trish to tell you it has been 146 days since I have placed a bet and honestly I can say I will never go back to gambling.  I can go to pubs without playing the pokies or betting on the horses, even if my mates are. I can watch the footy without even thinking once about making a bet. Not one cent for 146 days. So, I thank you with all of my heart because you were at the start of my journey to quit.”

How Can Hypnosis Help Me To Quit Gambling?

Hypnosis can be an effective way of overcoming the urge to gamble and rid you of obsessive thinking about gambling. When gambling becomes a problem it can feel as though you are controlled by your gambling habit. Hypnosis to quit gambling gives you back control.

There are essentially three parts to the Ready To Quit Gambling Program:

1) Explore and understand the core issues behind the gambling problem. For example, is it just a habit or linked to deeper emotional distress?

2) Resolve the key issues so the need to gamble is removed.

3) Change your core beliefs about gambling so that you no longer think of yourself as a gambler and regain trust in yourself.
Rather than feeling that you are controlled by gambling, you can break free and regain control over your own life, if you are truly committed to achieving that.
Quit Gambling hypnotherapy is usually 5 sessions over 3 months. You can pay the regular session costs as you go or pay upfront at a reduced rate.
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How Do I Know If I Have A Gambling Problem?

Problem gambling is typically characterised by:

  • spending a large part of your leisure time gambling

  • a growing need to gamble more and more often

  • spending more and more money each time you gamble

  • feeling that you can’t really control your gambling

  • being secretive and trying to hide how much you gamble from others

  • thinking about gambling when you are doing other things

  • feeling guilty or ashamed about your gambling but still not being able to stop

There are a lot of different reasons that people gamble. It may be:

  • To win money

  • For excitement and entertainment

  • To socialise with friends

  • To escape from negative emotions and feelings

  • To try to recoup losses

It can begin as a simple pleasure, a form of entertainment.  But, the addictive power of gambling can often result in the feeling that you can’t stop. Or, gambling can be a reaction to distress or trauma from the past. A way of relieving pain. By losing yourself in gambling you don’t have to feel the distress.

Hypnotherapy to treat gambling addiction Change in Mind

I understand.

My approach to therapy is very supportive and non-judgemental, and designed to suit the individual.
If your habit has simply developed through repetition it is relatively easy to shift. If your habit is linked to past trauma or distress, it is necessary to ease that pain and resolve the trauma while addressing the habitual behaviour. Either way, hypnotherapy is a very effective tool to use.
You may or may not be aware of what your triggers are.
We can work together to find the cause and resolve your problem.

Call today on 0409 803 696 to discuss your own individual circumstances and discover how I can help you to overcome this distressing and destructive condition.
Or click the button below to book your appointment.

Not sure if hypnotherapy is right for you?

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